Current Updates


We are extremely thankful to have such amazing clients and grateful for all we have accomplished in the last year! Although we miss having you inside, we will continue our current drop off and pick up procedures outside of the salon until further notice.

We are currently booked 8-10 weeks in advance with many clients are on a reoccurring yearly schedule. We have very limited availability for current clients who are one appointment at a time and not on a pre scheduled recurring appointment schedule. We do not anticipate our schedule to allow for one appointment at a time appointments to become available, or to "squeeze" appointments. We will continue to prevent overbooking and maintain our quality over quantity standards.

Due to our continually booked schedule we are currently only booking clients who have been seen by us in the last 4 months. If you are a new client or a previous client that has not been to see us in over 4 months, we ask that you fill out a new client application on the home page of our website. This form will allow us to have an overview of your pet and grooming schedule and contact you if appointments become available in 2022.

While we do our best to operate as cost effectively as possible without compromising our standards or yours, it has become necessary to increase our service fees beginning January 1, 2022. Most clients on average can expect a 15% increase, some clients with less frequent grooming sessions, larger breeds and other factors may see a higher increase. Please know that as a result of this increase, we will be able to continue to pay our staff livable wages, continue to lease our premises (which had an increase of over 50% this year), afford the purchase and upkeep of equipment and supplies, and afford professional learning opportunities for the amazing Two Mutts and a Poodle Team, without sacrificing quality care for your pets.

We sincerely hope this much needed increase doesn't send any of our clients off to seek other salons with lower fees, but understand that our grooming services may not be a luxury service everyone will continue with. We have such a strong bond with your pets and will miss any of you that choose to take your pets elsewhere for their grooming needs. As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us by phone or email.

We appreciate your support and look forward to 2022!


We can accept Credit and Debit cards via our portable credit card machine, exact cash or you may request a square invoice to be sent prior to pick up. 


Failure to cancel your appointment without 24 hours notice, will result in full payment of the missed appointment. 


We ask that you pick up your pet in a timely manner once notified that they are ready for pick up. In the event you cannot pick up promptly, please notify us as soon as possible. We close no later than 5 pm. Pets not picked up by 5:00 pm will incur an automatic fee of  $25 PLUS $1 PER MINUTE PER PET

If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID- 19, or possibly been in contact with someone who may have had COVID-19, you MUST reschedule your appointment. Failure to cancel your appointment due to symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 will result in dismissal from our services indefinitely

January 1,2022

Check in and Out Procedure

Lobby Still Closed

Our staffs heath is important to us and our lobby will remain closed at this time. We will continue to use our gate system at the door for pet safety. Please be patient with us when you arrive and ring the doorbell. We may need a couple extra minutes to secure the pet we are working on safely before we can make it to the door.